Das Weltkulturerbe

The World-Cultural-Heritage

in 2024

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Dear Readers,

The homepages of my person  consist of various letters that have been sent to certain addressees, however are often intended for the public as well. 

Some of these letters have already been translated into English language, because these letters are important, right and often also keenly in terms of expression and in the matter. 

The claim in the matter and commission of the Lord and all of us Creator** is high, so that the letters should be translated into all commercially available languages worldwide. 

The guide to the matter can be found in my first Homepage: www.ursulasabisch.netsempress.net or simply sterne.kaiserin.org

Take your Time..........

Please take the time even if you don't have any and get "smart", because in this case it is worthwhile for every thinking and future-oriented person worldwide, even if the content of the documents and the way I express myself cannot always be friendly.